We make your dream of studying in the United States come true.

We make your dream of studying in the United States come true.

International Doorway to Education & Athletics (IDEA)

The United States organization that specializes in recruiting and scholarships placement for undergraduate and graduate degrees including English courses if needed. IDEA serves as link between international students,university coaches and admissions representatives in the US.

Since 1997, IDEA has provided scholarships for more than 20,000 students to complete their studies in the USA. Our scholarships include the cost of education, residence and meals on campus.

More than 200 universities recruit students through IDEA each year, offering more than 150 undergraduate and graduate degrees to choose from.


To serve the needs of international students by providing access, through our programs, to U.S. universities and generating cross-cultural benefits for all.


We strive to be the most effective link between students from around the world and U.S. universities. We want to be the best choice for scholarship management for international students in the U.S. educational system.

Our numbers

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English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, undergraduate or graduate degrees to choose from.

Our values

Our team of qualified professionals strongly believes in international education as the most important tool to excel in a highly competitive and globalized world.

International Doorway is committed to professional excellence and promotes among its participants and representatives essential values such as integrity, determination, progress, sensitivity and success.

Martin duhour - founder & president

Education is the best investment to secure your future.

The United States offers the best educational system in the world, providing a diverse range of academic and athletic options across numerous universities in different locations. Students can choose based on their individual goals. Investing in your education in the United States ensures a promising future.   

Meet our team

Maria Gabriela Hoch

Juan Laudisi

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Hiro Nini

Ana Maria Betancur

Yaya Lander

Yoshikazu Ueoku

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Marcela Soligno

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