Your future starts here!

We make your dream of studying in the United States come true.

Your future starts here!

We make your dream of studying in the United States come true.


July 5-12, 2024
Miami, Florida

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January or August of each year

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International Doorway Scholarships

Full or partial scholarships that cover your studies, residence and meals at the U.S. University campus. Each International Doorway student obtains through a single application their scholarship report, detailing multiple university options to select from. We ensure your education so that you can study in the USA and achieve your goals.

International Doorway scholarships apply to your chosen field of study. Each Scholarship Report includes several universities that have been matched to each student's profile and includes the cost of education, housing and on-campus meals.

+25 years of experience

Awarding scholarships to international students in U.S. universities since 1997.


This includes the educational costs associated with each class credit as you progress toward degree completion.


Provides access to all facilities and activities within the University; gymnasium, recreational rooms, bookstore, computer room, sports and academic facilities and activities.


This refers to your meal plan at the campus dining facility and will list the number of meals you have purchased for each week.

Job opportunities

Discover your path to a successful career in the United States. Access internships and connect with organizations and companies related to your interests.

IDEA Alumni Testimonials

International Doorway is the organization with extensive experience in recruiting and managing scholarships for international students in the USA.

  • Creating a bridge between international students and U.S. universities.

  • Since 1997, IDEA has helped more than 20,000 young people committed to academic and athletic development earn scholarships to prestigious universities.

  • More than 200 institutions actively recruit students every year through International Doorway.

  • We currently collaborate with students from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • International Doorway contributes to cultural diversity, awareness and understanding among diverse multinational cultures.

  • We are committed to carefully matching the personal interests and potential of each student with institutions that embrace and share similar values.

  • We facilitate our students in their path to take advantage of their academic and/or athletic potential as a vehicle to obtain scholarships, improve their education and enhance their employability.

Why choose International Doorway

We secure your scholarship

Our students receive their scholarship and acceptance to multiple universities from which they can choose.

Zero Financial Risk

All of our programs are tied to the awarding of scholarships.

Direct contact

with universities in the USA. With scholarship funds and intention to recruit international students.

Professional excellence

27 years of documented experience.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Explore more than 200 elite U.S. universities through International Doorway and open doors to exceptional educational opportunities. Our leading scholarships showcase and programs connects you directly to renowned institutions, guiding you to a bright academic and/or athletic future. Start your educational journey today!

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