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    Federico Cepeda - Lawrence University (Wisconsin)

    “I think that the IDEA Program is exceptional. With its help, studying abroad is not an obstacle as it used to be. And through the implemented scholarship system, anyone can find a good university in the USA . IDEA is gaining recognition in USA , which results in more and higher quality American universities.”

  • Ono Sukui,
    Japan – Holy Names University (California)
    “My first season and a great experience! We participated in the NAIA National Championship. Our final ranking was 7th in the nation, and during this amazing season I scored 5 goals. It was a great experience for me as a player and also as a student because I had the opportunity to showcase my soccer and improve my English."

  • Matthew Nicholson-Lewis, England - Barry University (Florida)

    “Having not experienced tennis or college in America myself, I decided to attend an IDEA Showcase event at Barry University. Once there I had a great two weeks playing tennis with athletes from around the world. I ‘experienced‘America, it‘s University life (the campus, food, accommodation and entertainment!) And Florida's humidity! I had such a fantastic time!”

  • Nicolás Yunes, Argentina - Washington University (Missouri)

    “With the help of IDEA I have achieved one of my goals, which was to study at Washington University , one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S.”

  • Miguel Quinones,
    Colombia - St. Andrew's College (North Carolina)
    “During my last year of high school I was always looking for scholarships and contacting the universities and colleges in the USA, but never as effective as this, and now that I came with the program I realize that is a lot more easier because here they directly link the students and the universities.”

  • Juan Manual Funes Bigé - University of Illinois (Illinois)

    “IDEA gives you a unique opportunity in a highly competitive world, the chance to study with a scholarship in the U.S. At the same time, it allows you to familiarize yourself and take command of the international business language, connect with students from other countries, and get to know other large North American cities, not to mention the spectacular experience of representing a university in a particular sport.”

  • Esteban Suárez de Lima - University of Montevallo (Alabama)

    “I am currently in my last year. Everything I have gone through since my participation in the program has provided me with a great experience and maturity to achieve some dreams I always had and keep having.”

  • Miguel Madeiros Neto, Brazil - Lindenwood University (Missouri)

    “I participated at IDEA 2008 Program. It was a really good experience. It’s an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to make friends for life. My advice to people who are interested in IDEA programs is to prepare to play and have fun.”

  • Pep Ponset,
    Spain – Flagler College (Florida)
    “I am improving my English every day and doing very well in all my classes. The soccer season was good and I was selected for the second team all-conference along with two other teammates. All at once, this is an experience that would be difficult to forget.”

  • Simrat Randhawa, India - Hobart & William Smith College (New York)

    “I thank IDEA for assisting me through the application and admission process. I will be completing two years at the end of this semester and have to say that my experience here has been very positive.”

  • Undral Khurelbaatar, Mongolia - Newman University (Kansas)

    “I came to US in fall 2009. I really do like my school here, very nice area to study and also have fun. There are a lot of things to do, I’m mostly busy with school, work and other things. I do like the university, I can get closer to my teachers, small classes that I can participate more.”

  • Gustavo Pernalete, Venezuela - Webber International University (Florida)

    “I have had a very good experience with IDEA because they gave me an unconditional service and helped me a lot regarding the application to the Academic Scholarship Program. Personally I recommend this program to all students who wish to continue their academic studies abroad because they offer an excellent, personalized and very helpful service. Today, I am Studying in the United States thanks to this program and I am doing excellent!”

  • Ignacio Recondo - Columbia College (Missouri)

    “I have a 3.6 GPA. I worked at the training complex and for the cafeteria during the weekends. The soccer season was very positive for me since I was voted “Player of the Week” in the NAIA and AMC. I am very happy to be here. The people at the university are first-class .”

  • Isabella Brodie-Amonoo, Ghana -Cameron University (Oklahoma)

    “It's my first semester in Cameron University as a graduate student. Choosing IDEA has helped visualize my dreams. The campus has a serene environment for learning and student-faculty ratio is reasonable. Choosing IDEA also helps in the easy access to a USA VISA at the USA Embassy in our home countries. Thank you IDEA!”

  • Yaila Zotzmann, Germany - Hannibal LaGrange University (Missouri)

    “I just want to say THANK YOU that you helped me so much to get this chance to go to a US- College. I cannot wait to arrive!!! On Saturday there was an article in our newspaper about me and my true- coming dream. I am so excited!

    Agnieta Sharpe, England - Upper Iowa University (Iowa)

    “Through IDEA I received a lot of good scholarship offers.  I chose a Junior college for the first year to make sure I liked it.  I loved it and then reapplied to UIU to continue my degree and play Basketball.  I can't recommend it enough.”

  • Carlos Stremi, Argentina - Lewis University (Illinois)

    “IDEA was the door to the most clear academic development opportunity in my life. My advice to future participants is not overlooking this opportunity. I used to think: ‘my English fluency, going away from my family…’ which are factors that are overcome during the career.”

  • Juan Antonio Marquine,
    Uruguay - Spring Hill College (Alabama)
    “Before participating in the IDEA Program I doubted about the possibility of obtaining a scholarship to study in USA . With the help of IDEA, I was able to obtain the so precious scholarship and many other opportunities. At the same time, I became friends with other students from different countries”.

  • Daniel Cárdenas,
    Ecuador - Tennessee Wesleyan College (Tennessee)
    “I was able to play soccer and tennis during the program, which allowed me to obtain scholarships to compete in both sports for the college. It has been a great experience.”

    Rene Sube,
    Mexico - University of the Southwest (New Mexico)
    “It is a highly organized showcase with a great supporting network behind you. It allowed me to do what I enjoy the most that is playing soccer and at the same time get an education.”

    Andrés Calabró, Argentina - Western Montana College (Montana)
    “I was able to thoroughly achieve my objectives, which were learning about other culture and obtaining a scholarship. Besides from obtaining what I was looking for, I developed relationships with people from other countries, which I did not anything such as Malaysia , Serbia , and African countries.”

    Otto González Mendoza, Ecuador - Shorter College (Georgia)
    “The IDEA Program is very good, it allowed me to understand the American university system. I was able to visit many U.S. cities and places I had not been before as a lifetime experience.”

    Juan Crosa,
    Paraguay - Auburn University Montgomery (Alabama)
    “During the program, many coaches from different parts of the United States participated. I also met a lot of people within a great environment. We all have the same objective: obtain a scholarship to study in a better developed country than most of our own.”

    Raúl Martínez,
    Honduras - Hesston College (Kansas)
    “I was my team's scoring leader during last soccer season. I am very happy with my performance. In regards to the Program, my expectations were met because it was a great experience that I will always remember. My dream of studying in the U.S. is being achieved thanks to the Program.”

    Tanja Reiber,
    Germany - Brescia University (Kentucky)
    "I like the university because of the nice campus and friendly people. In general, it didn't take me long to acclimatize and I am not homesick because I like it."

    Nicolas Gieczewski
    Central Connecticut State University (Connecticut)
    “I am very happy at my university here in Connecticut . We participate in the NCAA Division I league, which is highly competitive.”

    Sandra Anim-Kyeio, Ghana -Dickinson State University (North Dakota)

    “I could testify that IDEA is a very good program and an opportunity for my fellow students in different countries who want to continue their education in the United States. At Idea, they helped me choose from a number of scholarship options..”

    Vladimir Lavrinenko, Russia -Campbellsville University (Kentucky)

    “Through my participation in IDEA scholarship programs I have successfully obtained a partial scholarship from Campbellsville University to improve my English. Once I have satisfied the English requirements IDEA secure another scholarship to obtain my Master's degree in International Studies. I'm very grateful to IDEA that gave me a chance to achieve my goal.”

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